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Established in 1998, Capacity Elevator Industries Corp. is dedicated to providing you with excellent elevator services. One of our top priorities is producing innovative, efficient, and reliable passenger transportation systems. Aside from promptly responding to your requests, we ensure that our products are safe and of high quality.


Why Choose Us

Located in New York, NY, we are a leading provider of elevators, escalators, and other mobility services. We have been serving the Tri-State and metropolitan area of New York for more than 21 years.

Our skilled staff uses the latest technology to increase the safety and reliability of our products and services. With our new and energy-saving components, our elevators will not only consume less energy but also save you more money.

Our Services



Each building has different features, occupants, and traffic patterns. We attend to the individual needs of our clients to ensure that our installation process goes well. Our team considers the number of people inhabiting the building, its peak times, and other various factors.



Maintenance plans help you avoid large and costly repairs or replacements. Through regular sessions with our technicians, your elevators and escalators will be running smoothly. Our monthly maintenance services include cleaning, bulb replacement, lubrication, and the repair of the parts covered in the Maintenance Agreement.



By using the latest technology, we can upgrade your elevator’s performance, safety, and reliability. With minimal building disruption, our services can help improve your building’s aesthetic and save you the hassle of equipment’s damaged part.



We offer a full range of optional design features for the easy integration of our products into commercial and residential establishments. Whether you have high or low traffic, we have you covered. Our range of equipment is reliable, energy-efficient, up-to-date, and high quality.



With our team of experienced technicians, we take pride in providing you with reliable repair services. From elevators to dumbwaiters, we have the expertise to provide a solution for your problem.

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